Reflected In You By Sylvia Day


I just finished reading Reflected in You by Sylvia Day. The second book in the Crossfire Series.

Well… I won’t say the story was lame, it was good. But it just didn’t struck me like in a majorly way. (But anyway, still, I gave it 5 stars on goodreads, it just didn’t land on my ‘favorites shelf’.)

There were some significant parts of the story for me, it made me tear up and cry. Lol First when they were fighting about Corrine, in which Gideon kept it a secret they were meeting. Then when Gideon and Eva seeming like they’re drifting apart, Gideon started being cold or whatever, made me hate him for being selfish and inconsiderate of what Eva would feel. (What? Guess I’m a sucker at heartbreaks. Lol)

But I hated Corinne more for being a bitch and all. I hate her like a lot! Whenever I came to read her name in the story, makes me hate her even more. Like she keep  shoving herself back in Gideon’s life. She sooo deserves a bitch-slapping, hair-pulling cat-fight from Eva. Even so, she made a perfect cover for whatever Gideon has done at the end. At least she was helpful somehow.

I really like the part when Gideon and Eva spent at the beach over the weekend! It was like so sweet of Gideon to do that, just the both of them alone and the outside world doesn’t exist. That was romantic of him I think, of course that was before I hated him for being a cold, heartless, bastard to Eva that is.

And, oh! Of course, the sex scenes was hot! And talk about the limo ride to the beach house, where Eva can’t take no more, was beyond hot I think. Lol But I kind of hate it somehow that they use sex for dealing with their relationship problems and not actually solve it. Oh well, at least that was hooot! Lol

Anyways, I’m being carried away over this. I can’t wait for the third book of the series! Now that Gideon’s dark secret about his past was revealed, and Eva’s something about her past was removed (literally), I wonder how’re they gonna move forward. Yeesh! I’m already excited for the ending! Hahaha


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