Down To You By M. Leighton

I’ve read Down To You by M. Leighton just before I started Reflected In You.  Anyway, I’ve given it 4 stars on goodreads, and this book landed on my ‘favorites shelf’.

I found the love triangle between the twins (Cash and Nash) and Olivia interesting. At first I was like torn on which of the twins was better for her. Nash which is sweet, nice, charming, intelligent and successful who’s working on a law firm. But, Cash is hot in an alpha, badass, bike riding bad boy way, also successful in which he owns a club.

I’m rooting for Nash and Olivia, but then he’s so very taken by her cousin. So moving on, I’m like for Cash and Olivia, but he seems to be a womanizer, so I guess that’s doesn’t bode well for her. Then there was that sweet moment between Nash and Olivia after some party, so I was back to rooting for him yet again. (See how torn I am between them?! Lol) Then like halfway thru reading the book, I finally settled in for Cash. Not just he’s available, he said straight out said that he’s into Olivia or something like that.

But then, I guessed something about the secret of the brothers. They never seem to be at a place at the same time, it’s not just they don’t get along very well, it’s like something else. (And, turns out I guessed right) I like the interesting twist on the characters. I also like the hot sex scenes. The middle-of-the-night-visit, and the one on the fields, and on the car hood was like so hooot. Lol

Sooo, I can’t wait to find out what would happen on the second  book. Like how’re they gonna go thru their starting relationship. And at the end of this book, there was a bit of a suspense that’s gonna happen to Olivia. Ugh! Second book, please come soon. Can’t wait to read you! lol


4 thoughts on “Down To You By M. Leighton

    • Thank you! Actually I haven’t catched up on my reading recently coz I went a lil crazy on nail art. Lol Anyways, I find it easier to find what books to read next with goodreads coz it shows related book on what I’ve already read. It’s really a good app. Check it out Add me if you like, I would love to see if we’ve got books in common. 😉

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