Another movie night for me…

Chose this movie mainly because of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. hihi ♥ I loved him from 500 days of summer, so when I saw he’s in cast of this movie, I decided to watch it. 😉

I was confused at first with the story, but then as Joe (JGL) does his job he explained on how it works. People that he’s going to kill time traveled from 30 years later into his time then he’d be the one to dispose the body, so technically the body wouldn’t really exist in the future.

I felt bad for Seth he got killed by his gang. He was just trying to save his future self, although it was said on their contract they should do the job just like killing anyone else. But still, who’d kill their oneself, right?

As the movie goes, I got confused again when the older Joe (Bruce Willis) appeared. Like how’s he gonna do and change his future. It was, he got traveled from the future then got killed by the younger Joe, and then the younger Joe just got on with his life until he got older, so when he got older he decided not to be killed so he time traveled back to the younger Joe and finds a way for the younger Joe not to be killed in the future. I was like…wtf is going on?! Lol

I got scared with Cid. The kid was kind of creepy! Thought he was gonna kill them all using his TK power. Well, too bad Sara and Joe didn’t end up together though.

Gave it 8 stars on IMDb. *awshh! sah’rey, spoiler!*

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