Take Me By Olivia Cunning


Take Me by Olivia Cunning. Third book of the One Night With Sole Regret series.

Jacob “Shade” Silverton!! ♥ There’s really something sexy about the vocalist of Sole Regret. Devil-may-care attitude but with a soft spot to his princess, I love that other side of him. Like he’s cold on the outside, but deep down he’s that oversensitive guy. I’m like, awe… And he’s just so hot!

“…It’s a sex swing. I figured you were getting tired. This will make my mad sex skills easier on your body…”

I love the singing-in-the-kitchen-while-preparing-fruits part! That was so cute! Romantic? lol And as ever! I got teary eyed on the goodbye-slash-breakup part. If Olivia Cunning prolonged that part, like a little bit more, I would be crying while reading it that’s for sure.

I really want to find out how things are gonna change between Jacob and Adam. And about Gabe’s surprise! Hahahaha. Next book of the series is gonna be about Owen, and I doubt there would be Gabe and Mel’s “surprise” part in there. Oh well…

I gave it 5 stars on goodreads, and a place in my favorites shelf. ♡


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