Rockoholic By C.J. Skuse


I’ve read Rockoholic by C.J. Skuse. What really had drawn me to this book while I was picking up on something to read was the cover. I took one look at the cover, then I found it interesting already. lol

Jody. What can I say about her? One, she’s crazy. Scratch that. She’s well beyond crazy!  Kidnapping a “rock star” for crying out loud! Two, she annoys the hell out of me while I read the first few chapters. She’s so obsessed with Jackson. Thinks she owns him, existed just for her. Three, she’s stupid. I find it annoying, but sometimes I find it funny. As Mac puts it, she’s a stupid cow. lol

“…It amazes me you found the right way out of the womb…” — Mac to Jody

Mac. The ever so loyal best friend. Always there when she needs him. A loving friend and a sweet brother to Cree. I was a bit doubtful on about him being gay. Like 30% of me says he is, and 70% says maybe he’s not. Maybe he’s really just into ballet and musical and stuffs and he’s a straight guy. Or perhaps, he’s into those stuffs and he really is gay. Lol

Jackson. He’s… Uh? He’s the “madman”, the “rock god”. He’s crazy, literally! Rude and arrogant. He’s everything you wouldn’t like in your “rock star hero”. Well… That is until you get to know him without the red and black berries, I guess.

For the first few chapters of the story, I want Jody to end up with Mac. I want her to notice him more than just her best friend. For her to realize that Jackson and her is so not possible. Mac and her, they’re perfect for each other. But, he’s “gay” though.

Then another few chapters later, I want Jody and Jackson together. Maybe he’s too old for her, but I think they fit each other in a way. Jody’s always been taken care for by her granddad and her best friend, so now maybe it’s time she takes care of someone else. Jackson’s been kicked-out by his mom then his life was controlled by his manager, so maybe then it’s time for him to be taken care of. And, I just don’t want him to go. Broke my heart into pieces! </3

“…I’m sorry. I don’t know what else… Look after yourself, OK? You knew how this was going to end…”

And I just have to say… I haaate Sally! She acts and laughs all friendly, but really a bitchy witch down inside. I wish she’d drown to the river instead. Ha!

This book annoyed me. Made me smile, laugh, cry, angry that I could slap someone on the face. Fell in love, melted and broke my heart.

I gave it 4 stars on goodreads. I just wish the story would be a series, another book that tells how he’s been and if he ever will fall in love.


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