Because I Could Not Resist By Beth Kery


Done with Because I Could Not Resist, part 2 of Because You Are Mine series.

Am I so bad for comparing Ian Noble to Christian Grey? This story pretty much resembles FSoG. But the difference for me, C.G. ordering around is hot. While with I.N. all I want is defy him. Go and walk the other direction from him. Just like that tattoo! I was annoyed with Francesca for going with Ian instead of getting one.

I gave it 2 stars on goodreads. I’m debating whether to finish the series or not. For one, the way it is published. Yes, that issue is worth repeating! And two, it’s annoying coz it’s like an FSoG ripoff. I mean I love C.G. and I can’t help not to think of it that way.

Anyone of you have read this book or the entire series? What are your thoughts?

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