Wicked Burn By Beth Kery


Wicked Burn by Beth Kery.

I’m not really drawn to the characters, but I quite liked the story.

I was actually annoyed of Vic’s crooked tooth, and how Niall found it appealing. I got nothing againsts crooked tooth or something, it’s just the way how it ruins my mental picture of Vic everytime it’s mentioned. Lol

I hate it that Naill seems weak at times, especially when it comes to Vic. And for crying out loud, what was it with her pearls?!

I really did wonder what had happened with Michael though, and that was so sad! Made me cry picturing the little boy, and thinking of how it all happened.

Took me awhile to finish this book. For the first half, I just read a chapter or two then put it down afterwards. I guess I didn’t really got hooked so I didn’t try to finish it right away.

Gave it 3 stars rating on goodreads.

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