D-I-Y Peel Off Polish

This is an easier way to remove nail polish. Especially when using glitters. But of course there’s another way to remove them, by using foil method. But that leaves my nails and fingers really dry. So I go for this glue base coat instead.

All you need is white glue and an empty bottle of nail polish. Just transfer the glue into the bottle for easy application on nails.


Apply glue on clean nails as a base coat then let it dry. (I did 2 to 3 coats of glue. I think that helped coz when I was actually peeling the polish off it didn’t break.)

When the glue is completely dry, apply on your base coat. (I applied a colorless polish. That’s what I regularly use as base and top coat.)

Apply on your choice of nail polish and top coat. Then that’s it.


When removing, just use a nail pusher to lift the corners.

Then you can just peel them right off.


I really had fun peeling them off! This lasted 3 days for me before I actually peeled them off, so I don’t really know how many days will it really last. But I think a healthy dose of top coat would help to keep them on.


13 thoughts on “D-I-Y Peel Off Polish

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    • I do use this like on most of my mani. And when I peel them off, if I like the design that much, I keep them and glue them on nail art doodle sheets. lol Am I weird that way?!

      • It doesn’t. It stays that way like nail polish with a thicker consistency. lol When it was already half empty, I just added more glue to the bottle. It won’t dry up as long as you’d close it tightly.

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