Water Marble Again


I tried water marble nail art, again. And, I failed! Yet, again. Lol This looks worse than my first time, a lot worse! I don’t know where I’ve gone wrong. I just did what I did before, but the outcome was disaster. Hahaha


I opt out putting tape on my fingers. Instead, I swabbed petroleum jelly around my nails and fingers for easier cleaning.


I did the nail polish dropping on the water process. I even found it easier to drag the polish this time. I had actually made a flower design this time. But when I dipped my fingernail, the design got ruined! Then I tried again, and again, and yet again. Until I got all fingernails covered. But guess what? I wasn’t able to successfully transfer the flower design to my nails.


I used glue base coat, (in the picture – glue base coat, then clear polish, then white polish, then the water marble design), thinking that when didn’t like the outcome, (like this one), I can just peel them and start over. But I’ve given up! After peeling this one off, I didn’t dare myself to go try for another. ‘Coz I know for sure it’ll just leave me being so frustrated.


Verdict? Water marble nail art really isn’t for me. I’ll never, ever, ever try this again! Well… Maybe I will. Lol But not in the near future! That would be a lot later. Haha


One thought on “Water Marble Again

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