My Nail Mail: Part One


One of my nail mails yesterday.


Salsa, Vixen, Sunset, Bikini


Quartz (both), Opal


Bunny (both), First Date, Champagne


Atlantis (both), Jive, Tiara


Sunny Tan, Naked, Gold Digger, Demure


Mojito (both), Gossip, Purple Passion, Prom Queen


BK Super Matte


Dotting tools

Yes, I got double polish. What can I say? I’m a hoarder. Lol I bought two dozens of OMG nail polish from Kampel, but she have limited colors. So double polish it is then! Haha. I decided to just order OMG nail polish online ‘coz I can’t find these shades on the mall. Or, like I said before, they easily ran out of stock. Check post on my nail mails to read details about her online store.

Xoxo — A.

P.S. I’ll do swatches soon! I promise! 😉


4 thoughts on “My Nail Mail: Part One

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