Franken Friday


I’ve read about “franken” or “frankening” nail polish here and there. But especially on Instagram. So I also wanna try and do some “franken” myself. Lol 😀

First up… I mixed Caress – Blue Hawaii and San San – Sea Green with some clear polish in a clean bottle.


I also mixed in some pigments. I put some of my old eyeshadow. I used half of the light blue-ish, one-fourth of the darker blue, and another one-fourth of the grayish silver. I crushed them separately then mixed it to the polish little at a time.


Here’s a quick swatch of the polish. This is two coats, no top coat. I’m trying to do a holo-ish mix, but I guess my metallic eyeshadow isn’t metalic enough! Lol I love the blue-green shade outcome.


So, what to name this polish? Hmm. Blue Hawaii + Sea Green = “Hawaii Sea”? Hahaha. But I think I wanna name it “Midnight Sky”.


For the second bottle. I mixed Chic – Purple Frost and OMG – Banana Boat.


Here’s a quick swatch. It became a nude shade polish. This is two coats, no top coat. It’s pretty sheer, so I think three coats for full opacity. It’s a close dupe of Caronia – Touch of Beige.


As for the name, Banana Boat + Purple Frost = “Banana Frost”? Lol Well, “Skin Deep” is what I have in mind. Haha


For the last bottle, I mixed OMG – First Date and Caronia – White Satin. Then I added some red and silver glitter powders.


Here’s a quick swatch. This is two coats, no top coat. I think three coats for full opacity also. Actually this is the second time I franken this polish. I made one yesterday, but the bottle fell off my table and got broken before I even had the chance to swatch it.


And for the fun part, naming the polish. White Satin + First Date = “White Date”? “First Satin”? “Satin Date”? Lol The names doesn’t make any sense. Hmm. How about “Sugar Rush”? ‘Coz it looks so yummy to me and makes me want to eat it! Hahaha.

So, if you also wanna do some franken polish, here’s what you need:
Empty nail polish bottle.
Clear polish. This I found is really a must!
Some colored polish. If you’re a newbie like me, start with two colors. It’s best to use some cheap polish so you can just replace them. Or polish you rarely use coz you don’t like them.
Glitters or pigments. Glitz I bought from a craft store and for pigments I used my eye shadow.
Mixer. Cuticle sticks or cotton buds can do. But I used barbecue sticks. I cut out the pointed tips then I cut them in halves.
Foil. I cut out a piece of foil then it’s where I mixed small amounts of polishes first before I go and mix them in the bottle. Or if you have a plate that is used for painting, you can use that instead.
BB. Or ball bearing. Since I don’t buy this stuff, I just used the ones I got when I clean nail polish bottles. This is really helpful for my glittered franken. I didn’t have to shake the bottle ’til I’m dizzy. Lol
Paper. For quick swatching. If you don’t like the shade when you swatched the polish, just add a little more of this and that. Then swatch it again on the paper.
Funnel. I just made a funnel out of a paper.

How to:
Basically, you just mix the polish and glitz together. Try mixing them first in small amounts on a foil or plate using a stick. If you don’t like the shade, try choosing another colored nail polish. Then if you’re pretty happy with the outcome, try doing the mixture you did on a bottle. Add little at a time, then stir the polish using a stick. If the polish is too thick, try adding more clear polish. Then use a funnel for adding glitters or pigments. Swatch it on a paper before adding a little more of this and that. Put in the bb, close the bottle, and shake like crazy. Lol


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