Nail Art Challenge Theme: Vintage


January nail art challenge day 28, vintage.

I know, I know. I’m a day late. I actually had a hard time thinking what will I do for “vintage” nails.

I sooo love how my nails turned out. But bubbles destroyed them! Well, not really. More likely just ruined. Nasty bubbles can be seen here. And so as those tiny holes. Ughh!


This was the result of my impatience. lol I didn’t wait for the coats to dry before I put on another coat. I was so sleepy while doing my nails last night. I badly wanted to sleep fast. It felt like I was on auto-pilot. I put coat after coat, then did the design, top coat, then quick dry oil, went to bed and woke up in horror when I checked my nails.


Here’s a quick tutorial on the rose or whatever flower design it is I did I’m not sure. 😀 This is pretty common design I see, and this is my version.

This was done on my right hand with my left hand. And I’m a right-y, so pardon me for the slightly messy design. I’ve already done drawing on my left hand before I remembered to take pictures. lol


My right hand didn’t look so bad after all. Ha!

I used OMG – First Date for the light pink, OMG – Bikini for darker pink, SanSan – Cloudy Gray, my franken polish Skin Deep, and acrylic paint for white and green.

One more nail art theme to go for this month! I’m excited what would be the challenge themes for Feb. Check out @californails on Instagram. She’s the one who made the challenge.

Xx — A.

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