Extra Nail Polish Shopping


So, basically I did another mini nail polish haul, again. Good thing these came from mom’s budget not mine, coz I am so broke! Lol

Here’s some old and new polishes. 😀
Old, coz I already have these colors in my stash. I just wanted to have extra polish bottles handy. Hoarder alert! So, sue me! Lol

(I got Caronia – Blueberry, First Crush, Baby Pink, On The Go, White Satin. San San – Luxury Black, Cloudy Gray. Bobbie – Vamp. As well as Caronia – Kwik Dry, Solvent, and four bottles of San San clear polish.)

New, coz I got a couple of bottles I haven’t tried yet. Well actually I asked someone to buy these for me, as I always do. I rarely leave the house as I’ve told before.


Here I give you, Caronia – Kiwi and San San – Precious Platinum.

I liked the color of the Kiwi. Actually, I’m thinking of my next purchase if this bottle even though I haven’t even swatched it yet! Haha That’s how much I liked this polish.

I got two bottles of Precious Platinum mainly for doing frankens in the near future when I feel like it. There was no gravitational pull that had me into this polish, really. Hahaha.

Xx — A.

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