First Nail Mail For Feb


My nail mail came in today. First of many (hopefully) for the month of Feb. Hahaha

I ordered it from Kampel Reyes again. You can check her online store, it’s Samut Sari Storehaus.

Anyways, I got 15-pieces brush set, caviar-like beads, and a few polishes. The tip guides and the water decals, she gave it as freebies. (I told you she’s nice! Check here to see my previous order from her.)

Here are the new polishes I got.


I have here OMG – Strobe.

Yes, I got three bottles right away. (Hoarder alert!!) lol I think this polish would be awesome for frankens.


Here are OMG – Disco Ball.

I got two bottles. This polish also has a franken potential. 😀


Strobe has a clear base polish with shattered glass-like flakies. Disco Ball also has clear base polish, but this has small tini-tiny glitters and also hex glitters.


So, yeah I really can’t wait to try them. I swatched them right on my current mani.

On the left is Disco Ball. And on the right is Strobe.

My base polish was SanSan – Luxury Black then I topped with LA Colors – Crystal Glitter.


These are the caviar-like beads. Six colors for a box set. I think I’m gonna need more of these. 😀


And, yes. I also can’t wait to try them. So here it is then.

I put on a clear polish over my current mani on my pinky so the beads would stick. Then after placing them, I brush on a top coat.

They’re so small, I actually had a hard time picking them up with tweezers.

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