How To – Pink And Purple Gradients


Here’s how I did my nails today.


1. Put on a base color for your gradient. Preferably white.

2. Get a sponge and dip it in water and squeeze out excess water. Just make it wet not soaked, just so the polish won’t really be absorbed by the sponge.

3. Brush on polish of your choice onto the sponge. Make sure it could cover your fingernail completely.

4. Quickly roll the sponge on your nail from one side to the other. Do it several times for full coverage. I did mine 3 to 4 times.

5. While the polish is still wet, brush on a top coat. The colors would blend more nicely this way.

6. Get a flat brush, cotton bud, and nail polish remover for clean up. And you’re done! 🙂

(Polishes I used, OMG – Demure as base color. OMG – First Date and Caronia – Baby Pink for the pinks. OMG – Prom Queen and Caronia – First Crush for the purples. SanSan clear polish for top coat.)


10 thoughts on “How To – Pink And Purple Gradients

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  3. I always use nail hardeners, as a base coat or on plain nails and they do kind of help. Garlic?! If I wasn’t going out or something maybe I’ll try that one day as long as I get the smell out eventually…not sure if I would be brave enough to give it a go! Good thing it helped your neighbour’s nails grow, it’s a nice tip to know. Thanks! =D

      • Wow I’m jealous! They are gorgeous and long! As you probably saw from my blog I’ve bitten my nails for so many years so they are very weak and keep breaking. Your nails are what I would love mine to eventually be like! Haha good tip, I might rummage around to see if I have a spare dish sponge in my kitchen cupboard somewhere =)

      • lol thanks! well, nail hardeners would really help strengthen your nails. even if you’re going for naked nails, put some on. or another tip, but this would probably gross you out. one of my neighbors before uses fresh cloves of garlic. she would just peel them and prick her nails on them repeatedly for half an hour or so. she says she does that always and i think it really helped coz i saw her nails were thicker than mine. garlic smell is hard to wash away tho. 😀

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