Feb Nail Art Challenge: Xoxo


Today’s mani for the nail art challenge. Theme was “xoxo”.

Actually, I still don’t feel good today. I still have this effin sore throat. And I tend to have fever whenever it stays for quite some time. Ughh! I hope not! *fingers crossed* But as you can see, it can’t stop me from doing my nails. I just couldn’t resist! Haha

Well, at first I have no clue on what design to do. So I just picked whatever polish and painted my nails what my “canvas” would be like.


I was suppose to do a chevron design on my index fingernail but I messed it up. I tried to use cut-out band-aid tapes but it didn’t work. So I removed it and replaced white base color to a red one.


I came up with hearts instead. Then I’ve drawn a tic-tac-toe game like on my thumb. I made the lines look liked how kids would draw them on paper when playing. Like the lines have no care in the world. Lol

Polishes I used for base colors, Bobbie – Pure White, Bobbie – Vamp, OMG – First Date, OMG – Bunny. Then for details, I used white, black, and red acrylic paints.

It looks sooo girly mani to me! I love it! I’m gonna have a hard time parting with it for sure. Too bad I didn’t use glue base coat so I could peel them off. 😦

Well, tell me what you think!

Xx — A.


3 thoughts on “Feb Nail Art Challenge: Xoxo

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