Kiss The Girls By James Patterson


Kiss the girls, second book of Alex Cross series by James Patterson.

Finally! I’ve started reading this book right after finishing the first book, Along Came A Spider, which is almost a month ago. And now, finally, I’m done! (Yay for me! lol)

This book really creeps me out, much like the first book. It scared the heck out of me. And my heart thudded like crazy. So sometimes I needed to put a stop to my reading and breathe. So yeah, took me a while to finish it. Also I got busy with vaca-y, family visit, and all. And, lastly, I got distracted by (you take a guess!) doing nail art challenges. Hahahaha!

Anyways… No matter how long it took me to finish it, I got hooked with the story. Like, really! Coz I have no idea what would happen next. I didn’t check out a summary of this book, unlike on Along Came a Spider which someone wrote pretty much how the story went like on Goodreads. So I quite already had the idea of Jezzie Flanagan’s involvement in the case, it was just finding out how and why for me. At the end, I don’t know if I’d feel sorry for her or not.

So back to Kiss the girls, I have no idea who Casanova an Gentleman Caller was. As I go with the story, I kept on  guessing who are they. And I kid you not, thoughts of them kept popping in my mind whether I’m cooking, or driving, or when I’m doing absolutely nothing. I thought I’m going crazy actually. Hahaha!

I kept thinking, “Oh maybe he is Casanova!” or “Maybe Casanova and Gentleman Caller is just one person” then “Could Gary Soneji be possibly one of them?” My list of suspects also included the dean of university, chief of police, and that one from the FBI. And when it’s revealed who Casanova really was, I’m like “Oh my effin ghaaad I wasn’t expecting that!” Hahaha. I really didn’t. That was a very nice twist.

Also, can I just say, images of Denzel Washington kept appearing in my mind as Alex Cross. The very famous, doctor-detective Alex Cross. The amazingly crime-solving police from D.C. Who is sweet and funny at times. But most often than not, a badass macho cop. lol But I like it better when he and Sampson were together.

I so admire Kate! She’s such a strong woman. Really a fighter. But she has her stubborn moments, that sometimes I want to scream at her.

And I missed Nana Mama on this book!

I haven’t watched any Alex Cross movies yet. I liked the first two books I’ve read so far, maybe I’d like it better on film, right? Oohh, I should probably go hunting for movies then. I wonder if they’d still be available on stores coz they were out like a decade ago already.

Anyways, I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads, and a place in my favorites shelf. 🙂

I’ll definitely read the next book, Jack and Jill. Anyone have already read that book? What do you think?

Xx — A.

4 thoughts on “Kiss The Girls By James Patterson

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  3. I did read Jack and Jill- but it was soo long ago, I can’t remember anything about it!
    I had to stop reading these books (along with Patricia Cornwell books) because I would have the weirdest dreams LOL. Did that happen to you at all?

    • I can’t remember dreams about them. BUT what I can remember was waking up feeling horribly scared sometimes. AND I feel paranoid every time I’m alone. Like bad guys from these books would just show up, or like I’m being watched. lol Feels like I’m going crazy. I feel like I also have to totally stop reading these kind of books, but I just don’t want to. Haha

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