My Polish Swatch Continues – Sweet Surprise And Frosted Blueberry

Another two new polishes I had obtained.

Again, I’ll say for the nth time, excuse my cuticles. I did this the same night I did 34 other nail polish swatches. (See them here, another here, and here.) Too much nail polish remover dried up my fingernails real good. I tried my best to remove the stains from other polishes I’ve swatched. But I couldn’t coz my cuticles were really staring to hurt. So I just left it at that.



Caronia – Sweet Surprise. Two coats, no top coat.

Love the color!! This polish was a bit hard to find. Always out of stock at the mall.



Klik – Frosted Blueberry. Two coats, no top coat.

This is my first bottle of Klik nail polish. But it has the same manufacturer with the OMG nail colors, which I own a few. I forgot how much it costs. Php14 I think.

After all the swatch I did, a total of 36 nail polish, my cuticles were hurting from being exposed to too much nail polish remover. I feel like they were cursing at me! lol I did lather them up real nice with my hand lotion afterwards. 🙂

Xx — A.


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