Klik Nail Polish – Neons


Got new polish bottles to try. Yay!

Someone bought them for me, as usual. Coz like I said before, I rarely leave the house. I’m like a hermit, really. lol So I just told her that I want to try out some new polishes, and here are what she got me.


First up, Klik – Neon Orange.


Klik – Neon Blue.


Klik – Neon Red Orange.


Klik – Neon Green.


Klik – Neon Yellow.

Klik nail polish, another local brand of polish here in the Philippines. They also make the OMG nail colors that I love so much!

A bottle costs Php14.50 for 7ml polish. My mom’s assistant says they also come in a bigger bottle. I’m just not sure if it’s 12ml or 15ml, and how much it is.

Oh well, swatches coming right up! 😉

Xx — A.

P.S. I made a makeshift “lightbox”, and I used it with these photos. Well, I don’t think it made my photos better than usual. You think? Or maybe I just didn’t made the lightbox right. lol I didn’t watch any tutorial making it anyway. I just cut and tape in whatever way I think it should be. Hahaha


2 thoughts on “Klik Nail Polish – Neons

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