Polish Swatch – Klik Neons


Klik neon nail polish swatches.


Yes, I’m such a lazy ass, I know. I did them all at once. lol The bottles were too small so I don’t wanna put much of the product to waste. Besides they’re all neon polishes, so I figured they would look good together. 😀


(L-R) These are Klik – neon orange, neon blue, neon red orange, neon green, and neon yellow.


These were all two (generous) coats with topcoat.

Three coats for full opacity. Or maybe I should have used white undies.


Such tini-tiny bottles! They all fit in my hand. Hahaha

For closer look of the bottles, see here.

I like that the polish isn’t too watery nor thick. The only problem I had is with the brush. It’s a little stiff, so applying polish evenly was a bit hard. I figured since it’s also the brand company which OMG nail colors were from, they use the same nail polish brush.

From what I’ve been told, Klik has a lot of nail polish colors to choose from. I just haven’t seen it myself so I can’t tell for sure.

But I think I’m gonna need more neon colors! I wish they have it in pink. And purple. Oh, and red. As well as light blue. And maybe mint green. Hahaha Okay okay, I’m getting too excited.

I also like it that it comes in two bottle size (So I’ve been told). And it’s also cheap. So if you just wanna try it out, you go with this smaller bottle which is 7ml for only Php14.50 ($0.36) a piece. Or you could go for the bigger sized bottle, I’m just not sure exactly if it’s 12ml or 15ml and how much. But I’m pretty sure it can’t be more than Php30.

There’ll be more nail polish from Klik that would make an appearance here on my blog in days to come, that’s for sure. 😉

Also another thing, I’m not sure if Klik nail polish can be bought in another place, say country. But I know OMG nail colors are, from what I’ve read on Gawang Ngatu’s blog.

So, ’til my next post! 😉

Xx — A.


7 thoughts on “Polish Swatch – Klik Neons

    • Thanks! I hadn’t really thought of that before swatching. But when I saw the uploaded photos, that’s when I remembered. Hehe. 🙂

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  3. With each colour you mentioned you wanted I found myself exclaiming ME TOO! I think the mint green would be rad! Or even a neon pink 🙂 I’ll keep my eyes open for Klik Polishes when I’m out and let you know. My fave two colours from your swatch are the orange and red. So vibrant!

    • hahaha they’re such nice colors! cant wait to have more 😉 hope they also have Klik polishes from where you bought those OMG so you could also try them!

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