NOTD – Glitters Mattified


I decided to add a little more something on my Klik – Superstar swatched nails.


I was so unsatisfied with how my nails turned out with Klik – Superstar. Seems like it needs more glitz and glam.

So I pulled out my OMG – Disco Ball and OMG – Strobe. (For closer looks of the bottles, see here)


I layered one coat of each on my nails. Then topcoat.

My nails looked so much better now. Don’t you think? 😉


But nooo. I’m not done just yet. lol

I also pulled out my BK super matte. (Closer look on the bottle, and where I got them, see here)


I’ve seen photos of matted glitter nails on Instagram so I want to do it myself. 😀

I brushed one coat over my glitter polish nails. And I was so amazed how it turned out! lol My nails seems so stiff after, even with glitters.

Yep. Now I’m done with this manicure. ;P

Xx — A.


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