Feb Nail Art Challenge: Candy


Candy themed nails.

This is supposed to be on 11th of February. But got a little uninspired and not in the mood for nail artsy. So I’m doing a catch up now.


I was just planning to do a simple french mani with my ring finger accented with a cupcake with lots of candy sprinkles. But when I saw how cute it turned out, I decided to shower candy sprinkles on all my nails instead. 😀

Polishes I used: For the tips and frosting, Caronia – White Satin. For the cupcake paper, Caronia – Trance and First Crush. For the sprinkles, Caronia – Baby Pink, Blueberry, Kiwi, On The Go, and Sweet Surprise. And for the wonky cherry on top, I used Caronia – Red Pearl.

Noticed anything? lol Since Caronia emailed me couple of days ago, I decided to go all in with this mani. I used almost all Caronia nail polishes I have. 😉

So… What do you think with my mani today? I sometimes feel like  I wanna nibble my nails. Hahaha

Xx — A.

2 thoughts on “Feb Nail Art Challenge: Candy

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