How To – Cupcake Nailart


I did this design for my Candy themed nails for February nail art challenge.

So here’s an easy step-by-step photo I did for the cupcake accent on my nails. With a cherry on top. 😉


You’ll need a striping brush, dotting tools, white polish, as well as lots of colorful polishes. If you don’t have a striping brush and/or dotting tools, a toothpick could be a nice makeshift nail art tool.

Lightly brush on topcoat after painting or else those candy sprinkles would be ruined. Or you could wait until they’re all dry, then you could put on a topcoat. 😀


You can flaunt your nails even with just the cupcake design along with french tips. Or you could also have candy sprinkles all over, just like what I did. 🙂


Polishes I used: For the tips and frosting, Caronia – White Satin. For the cupcake lining/paper, Caronia – Trance, and First Crush. For the candy sprinkles, Caronia – Sweet Surprise, Blueberry, Baby Pink, Kiwi, On The Go. And lastly, for the cherry on top, Carnonia – Red Pearl.

So, there. Happy painting!

Xx — A.

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