Ebay Mini Nail Polish Haul


So, today felt like a mini nail polish haul. (I swear I’m going to be more frugal after this!)

My package from Ebay came this afternoon. Yes, I’m an Ebay shopper now! Lol

At first I have no effin’ idea what to do, ‘coz it was my first time to shop at Ebay. (I only browse online shops at Facebook or Multiply. Or even at Sulit.) So what I did after half an hour figuring out what to do, I sent a message to the seller of the item I want. And she was kind enough to direct me on what to do.

And here are the fruits of hour long browsing at her online shop! Hahaha


Tada!! I ordered five polishes from her.

Orly – Fabulous Flamingo, Orly – Elsbeth’s Rose, City Color – Blue, City Color – Silver, and Sinful Colors – Ciao Bella.


BUT!!! When I looked closer, the Orly bottles looked the same shade. And yes, I was so right! I looked at the labels underneath, two Fabulous Flamingos said hello. So I messaged the seller right away about the little mix-up on my orders. She apologized for the mistake and offered me a refund. Or said she could send the right bottle with my next purchase if ever I’ll place another set of order from her.

So guess what? I placed another order. (Oh yes, that’s what “more frugally” means!) Okay, okay. I swear not to spend more after my next nail mail. 😀


If you ask me what’s the best part of my nail mail today? … Bubble wraps!!! Nothing beats bubble wraps! Hahahaha. I would never ever pass up a chance to play with bubble wraps! Did I just say “bubble wraps” three times? Lmao!

So, if you’re in the Philippines and you wanna check out Meg’s shop on Ebay, it’s named Jnlink777-onlineshoppe (click here). Also she has another one, it’s named Legion-Cybershoppe (click here). Other than the order mixed-up issue, I recommend her as a seller. Transaction went on smoothly, and the items were shipped the same day I made my payment, so I got ’em the next day. And not to mention, such low prices for great items!

Okay, I need to stop… I’m starting to sound like an advertisement on T.V. or something! Lol


Then… Early this evening, my mom’s assistant came by with these. (L-R: Bobbie – nail polish remover, Klik – Neon Red Orange, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Ube Shake)

I told her yesterday that I wanted to try some more Klik nail polishes. (And I need a bottle of nail polish remover coz I’m almost out of it.) But when I checked the bag, I have no idea why she got me the same neon polishes she got me last week. (To see swatches, see here.) So I told her, and she says she forgot! Huh? *face-palm* Lol


Well, at least she picked up this cute shade of purple for me. The color is so nice I’m excited to try it out.

She just bought them here, near our vacation home. (Yep, I’m still on “vacation”. Lol) So if you’re within my area, and the store’s bag looks familiar to you… You know where to find me then! 😉

I’ll do swatches soon! I’m still loving my candy sprinkled nails. Yes, I re-did them coz they’re so cute!! Lol

Xx — A.


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