The Face Shop Polishes


Late last night, I saw a picture of The Face Shop polishes from @neelai14 on Instagram. Says she got 3 polishes plus 1 for P285 ($7). Say what?!? A free bottle of polish!

So I texted my friend right away. Making a drama out of The Face Shop’s polishes. Lmao! Telling him I waaant them so bad but there’s no branch near where I’m staying right now. (I’ve looked at their website) I was so bummed!

Then he told me, he will be going with his family to the mall the next day (which is today). And yes!! There’s a TFS branch! Obviously I asked him if he could get them for me. Thankfully he said he could! And the bonus part… Says he’ll be the one to pay for one set. Yay!!

(Kester!! You’re the best-est guy friend, ever! I know you loves me! Hahahaha :D)


I gave him a list of which polishes to get, also which can be doubled. But sadly, not all polishes were available.

So while at the store, I asked him to send me pictures of the polishes. He sent me the above photo asking if I’d like him to buy them coz apparently they’re not on the list.


Then while paying for the items, he sent me more pictures. A glimpse of the polish heaven (At least for me, not for him! Lol), which is The Face Shop at the moment. 😀


Yep, more pictures. He was trying to kill me!


And another one. Now I’m dead. Lol


But he ain’t done just yet! He sent me more pictures once they got home.


Such a tease! Grrr. But I liked it that he artfully laid those polishes for pictures.


I can’t wait to get my hands on them!! I have to wait until Saturday for them to get here. He’ll ask my mom to bring them coz she’ll be going here anyway. Ughhh! I hope mom won’t look into the bag, or else I’ll never hear the end of it. Well, at least for a day or two. Hahahaha

I’ll post more pictures when I have them. And swatches, of course! 😉

Xx — A.


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