Ebay Nail Polish Haul, Again


So, a nail mail came in this morning. Got it from the same Ebay seller where I did my first ever Ebay shopping! Lol

I haven’t slept yet that time coz I was waiting for it. I get too excited whenever I know I have a package coming that I can’t sleep a wink. I have a problem, yes I know! Haha 😀


Here are the polishes I got.

Revlon – Blue Lagoon, NOPI – Respect The World, and Prized Possession Purple, Dahlia – Barbie Pink, Raspberry Sparkle Pink, and Silver Glitter, Bear Fing’rs – Lilac Frost, and Metallic Red, Orly – Elsbeth’s Rose (finally!)

Though I originally ordered for Bear Fing’rs – Flaming Red instead of that Metallic Red, but they sent me a message after I made my payment  saying there was a mistake with their inventory and it was already out of stock. So I chose another polish instead of getting a refund. And another thing, this Metallic Red was labelled Dark Purple on their ebay store, that’s what I chose. Well, I don’t know if there was a mistake in naming the polish on their ebay store or if I got the wrong polish again (coz I can’t really tell, the polish looks the same on their picture). But nevertheless, I didn’t argue coz I don’t want any further hassle. I mean, really, once is enough right? (You could read the details here.) So I just sent them a message saying I got my package.

So do I recommend the seller? Uhm. Maybe? I mean, it depends. If you’re looking for great items (they sell not just polishes) at affordable prices, and willing to deal with any hassle that may happen, then go right on to their ebay store and place an order. I’m not saying that they’re unreliable sellers or something, coz I’ve read comments on them on ebay and they got positive remarks. What I’m just saying here was based on what happened to me, nothing more.

Will I order from them again? Maybe. I’m leaning more on the “yes”, but the back of my mind says “no”. But they sell polishes at such a low price, and I don’t wanna miss that! Hmm, so, “yes” wins. I just don’t see myself placing another order from them anytime soon.

So, there. Well, swatches soon! 🙂

Xx — A.


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