Feb Nail Art Challenge: Ombre


For February nail art challenge on Instagram.

Yay, I’m right on time now. Lol


The theme was ombre design.

I picked the colors black and red. Coz I’ve been dying to see how will it turn out.

I also tried to do the ruffles design as an accent on my ring finger. I’ve read about it on Craft Nail’s post, and I instantly love it! Well, I love it when she did it. I hate it when I was the one who actually did it. Lol

I head on over to Chalkboard Nails for the tutorial of the ruffle design. Why does it seems so easy but then when I did it I failed?! Haha!

For a tutorial on how I do my gradients, see here.


I wasn’t quite happy with how my nails turned out. The ruffle accent was a total fail. And so as my gradient! Gaah! Not. Happy.

But people on Instagram love it, I guess. Lol This photo was featured on two accounts dedicated for nail arts. (@nailpromote and @holywownails)


Then I got the idea to add glitters on them from @nailsofjessiek.

Even the glitters was a fail! Ehmerghed, What is wrong with me?! Lol


Also, since my thumb nail is still “recuperating”, it won’t make any appearances on my photos. At least for now. Haha! It just have a black polish on. And I think it will stay that way up until my next mani, and so as the next, and maybe the next after that. Coz when I’ll remove the polish on my thumb, that means using nail polish remover, also means it’ll ruin my teabag repair, then I’ll have to do it over, and that’s a long as hell of a process! So, uh-uh. No change of polish for the little lady. 😀

Polishes I used: Caronia nail hardener and base coat, Bobbie – Pure White as base polish, Bobbie – Vamp and San San – Luxury Black for the gradients as well as the ruffles, Sally Hansen – Diamonds and my franken Starlight for the glitz, and San San clear as top coat.

So, what do you think of today’s manicure?

Xx — A.


7 thoughts on “Feb Nail Art Challenge: Ombre

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    • Thanks so much! Yes, I agree. I just meant bad color choice for the ruffle design, coz parts of the red doesn’t really show when I overlapped it with the black. 🙂

  2. I struggled with the ruffle design too! I tried doing it for my Blue theme day, and it was a total flop…. I tried again for Rainbow day and it was marginally better… I guess its just practice? I still love the look of these though! ♥

    • Thank you! Glad you like ’em. 🙂 Practice, yes, I guess so. I might give the ruffle design another go a little later. I think bad color choices also factored in why mine failed. Anyway, rainbow? Wow, good idea! I was actually thinking of what colors would I use the next time I try. 😀

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