Teabag Repair


A really, really terrible thing happened to me this morning… My nail broke!! Boo! It was really a “WTF” moment for me.

I was going to make waffles for breakfast then when I was getting the milk out of the fridge, that’s when the unthinkable happened! 😦 Stupid milk carton! Grrr!

So, first thing I thought of was “teabag repair”.


Oh, it is on! Definitely! So I emptied the contents of a teabag.


I brushed a clear polish on my nail, stuck a piece of the teabag, then brushed nail hardener on top. When it’s dry, I cut the excess and shaped it like how my thumb nail looked like using a cuticle nipper.


Here’s what it looked like after half a dozen more coats of nail hardener. Lol I was so impatient to see the result so I got my hair dryer, set it on coldest temperature there is, and aimed it on my thumb in between coats.

It doesn’t even look like I broke my nail. More so if I put on a polish over that. But as they say, appearance can be deceiving. Lol It just looked like it’s alright but it’s not. It’s like rubber and it’s flexible. Haha.

I was told that the broken nail part is necessary for the repair to work. The teabag would be like patching the nail and the broken part.

But sadly, lost the broken nail part. And I don’t use false nails so I don’t have any. (Coz you could also use that. Snip a part of a false nail and patch it on you nail.)


So I got an idea, and I ripped the nail hardener-coated-teabag off my nail. I cut out a small piece of an OHP plastic film to serve as my “false nail”. It’s a plastic sheet that is used for AVR/projectors.

I repeat the process I did above. Only thing is, I stuck the plastic film under my nail then the teabag on top of my nail. Making the film actually to stick is a bit tricky. So when it’s dry, I cut the excess and brushed several more coats of nail hardener. Here’s what it looked like. I like this better than my first try.


On the brighter side… Here’s the breakfast I was talking about early in this post. Lol

So, have any of you tried the teabag repair before? How did it work for you? Tell me what you think. 🙂

Xx — A.


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