Water Marbled Bottles


I gave water marble another try. I’ll say this time, it’s sooo much better than my previous two attempts with it! Look! I finally did a decent design on the water this time!


But since I still have mani on, and I don’t wanna take it off yet… I tried the water marble designs on empty polish bottles. Well at least I have some use with them since I haven’t been experimenting on some frankens recently.

Corynn (@mucking_fusser), the queen on water marble on Instagram, gave sort of a tip. She told me she tears up an index card and that’s what she use to see how the water marble design she’s working with would look like. I’m like, I’m so doing that when I ran out of empty polish bottles! Lol


On the first few bottles, I was trying to do the spiral water marble design. But then I gave up, and settled trying for the flower design instead. See that light blue right there? (third row, second column) That’s my baby right there! Haha.


Here’s the picture tutorial (PicTorial) courtesy of the amazing water-marblest Corynn (@mucking_fusser). It shows here the spiral design I was first trying to do. If you have an Instagram account and wanna see more amazing watermarble designs, go follow her then! 🙂

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