NOTD – Red And Black Water Marble


After all those water marbled bottes I did, I know I gotta do it on my own nails somehow! Lol

So there, I gave water marble another go. For real this time! 😀


Here’s a better photo of my marbled nails. I didn’t plan for it, but I got an accent on my ring finger! Yay!

I had a hard time capturing the real beauty of the water marble design I did, coz  the red blends with the black on my phone’s camera. So glad I finally had this one photo.


And here’s my teensy tiny thumb nail. Haha! I decided to cut my thumb nail after getting tired of doing the teabag repair. That’s why it’s much shorter now than the rest of my nails. But I’m so happy with the how my water marble turned out on my thumb, so I thought of showing it off. Lol And I got almost no bubbles at all. Almost! 😀

Polishes I used: Bobbie – Pure White as base color. San San – Luxury Black and Bobbie – Vamp for the marble design. Caronia nail hardener and base coat, and San San clear top coat.

Tips for fellow nail art enthusiasts!! When you’re going to try water marble, use new polishes coz those still have creamy formulas. Or you could do what I did, I drop a few (gazillion) solvent/nail polish thinner in the polish bottles so they’d be creamy again. And use filtered room temp water. Don’t use cold water coz that would make the polish dry faster you wouldn’t even have the chance to make a design out. And one more thing, when dragging the polish on the water after you’ve successfully made a bull’s eye like, if you can’t do it ever so lightly(like me). I (accidentally) stuck few fibers from the cotton ball onto the tip of the toothpick, then that’s what I used to drag and make a design. It’s much easier instead of using the tip of the toothpick itself.

Hope that helps! If you’re going to try water marble, I wanna see! Hehe. You can tag me here (via pingback or comment) or on Instagram (@galaxystar7).

Thanks for reading! ‘Til my next post. 🙂

Xx — A.

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