Jack & Jill By James Patterson

Jack And Jill By James Patterson

Jack & Jill by James Patterson. Third book of his Alex Cross series.

Okay, it took me another month to finish another book. I’m such a slow reader this year. Tsk!

But I did manage to highlight some lines from the book, though. 😀

“…I shit you not. This is a murder investigation. This is how it’s done…”

Doctor-detective, crime-solving, badass macho cop Alex Cross is back in D.C. THE Alex Cross. THE man, as a character from this book once said.

“…The dragon-slayer had come to the White House…”

This book is mainly about Jack and Jill, which are two high-profile killers in D.C. They target celebrities and politicians.

They’ll even attempt to murder the President of United States. It seems nothing was impossible for them as long as Jack and Jill works together.

“…And Jill came tumbling after…”

I was like, “What?!! How could you!” Seriously no heart at all! *smh*

“…Jill had fucked Jack straight from hell…”

Ha! Take that you monster! I’m on Jill’s side after this one. Yeah sure she’s a killer and all, but she’s just blinded with love. I mean that’s no excuse to do such horrible things, but I don’t know. I felt sorry for her somehow.

“…Finally, the real Jill…”

I found myself exclaiming out loud, “I knew it!” I really had a feeling she’s involved with the crime. Just like what Alex Cross often says, “bad gut feeling”.

“…Happy happy. Joy joy…”

Also, not to forget about the child murderer. The Truth School killer. Creepy as heck! He targets cute little children, which makes me so sad. I wasn’t expecting who he turned out to be. I imagine the child killer to be an old, homeless man with absolutely nothing better to do with his life.

The racism in this book wouldn’t go unnoticed, much like with the other Alex Cross books I’ve read so far. It’s sad to think that it also happens in real life. It’s so annoying that some people discriminate others by the way they look, their religion, or by their nationality. I’ve experienced discrimination because I’m a Filipino, or “Asian” as they say. I’m like, wake up people! We’re all human beings here.

Anyway, this particular book didn’t creep me out as much as the first two (Along Came A Spider, and Kiss The Girls). But it gave me nightmares nonetheless! Haha. I’m such a chicken. I know I need to stop reading this kind of books for my own good. I’m becoming more paranoid than usual. I’m afraid to be alone in the house at night, and my heart jumps at the slightest noise. But I can’t help it. I need to know what will happen to Alex! Lol

And can I  just say, what a shame Alex and Kate weren’t together anymore. Feels like they’re fit for each other.

Gave it 3 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

Now, onto another book! 🙂

Xx — A.

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