Color Block – March Nail Art Challenge


I have actually done this design a couple days ago. But since the “color block” theme on the March nail art challenge was for today, I’ll post this up now instead. 🙂





Since I don’t own any striping tapes, I have to do this old school. Lol I filled the “blocks” with nail polish using a small brush.

Polishes I used: Caronia – White Satin as base polish. San San – Warm Blue, OMG – Banana Boat, OMG – First Date for the blocks. Black acrylic paint for the lines. Caronia nail hardener & base coat, San San clear top coat. I also layered glue base coat.

I’m actually using the glue base coat more often now even if I’m not gonna wear glitters or glitter polish. I like it ’cause it makes removing the polish easier, and it saves me some nail polish remover, too! Lol 😀


Here’s another collage photo for the twin nails on Instagram (tagged #bestietwinnails). This time I did it with Caitlyn (@icebubbleteanails), and we decided to do color block since we’re both doing the March nail art challenge anyway.

I love doing twin nails ’cause it’s actually fun to do. Guessing what design your twin nails “bestie” will do, at the same time surprising them with yours, according to theme you both decided to do!

Have you tried to do the twin nails thing?

Xx — A.

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