Cat & Mouse By James Patterson

Cat & Mouse

Cat & Mouse by James Patterson. Fourth book in his Alex Cross series.

I was so excited and into this book that I’ve finished this in a week, unlike before that it usually takes me a month to finish a J.P. book. Lol This book is so good that I don’t want to put it down. Got me really curious on what would happen next.

“…who’s the cat, and who’s the mouse…”

Gary Soneji is back in the Cross family’s life. Alex’s number one nemesis is back with great vengeance. Gary is so crazy with getting back and having the score even with Alex. He’s just so creepy and scary! He’s doing everything with such great risks coz he’s got absolutely nothing to lose. And what’s even scarier is that though he’s gone, he’s still there to haunt and hurt Alex! Like hurt him really bad, that got me all teary eyed.

“…assume nothing, question everything…”

Another character that got me hooked to the story was Thomas Pierce. “Tall and slender, with dark sunglasses. Long blonde hair that’s bound in a ponytail.” I imagined him to be a very brilliant, good-looking, kinda hot, FBI agent. Really good at his job, too. And boy, was he really good at his job!

Anyway, Pierce is also hunting for his nemesis — Mr. Smith, a crazy, scary, no conscience butcher. Pierce is so determined to catch this bad guy, he’d been chasing him country after country. That made me admire him, coz he’s so dedicated to his job.

So, have Pierce caught Mr. Smith after chasing him for years? Ha! Take a guess. Lol 😀 But Thomas Pierce got me heart-broken towards the end of the story! Like, broke my heart in a million pieces. Well, at least he hadn’t “pierced” it. Haha.

Gave this 4 out of 5 stars, and a place in my favorites shelf on Goodreads.

Xx — A.

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