Garlic And Lemon – Natural Nail Treatment


That’s how my nails looked like after the “natural treatment” I did. They feel so clean and fresh and so ready for another manicure! 😀


What you’ll need? Just a couple cloves of garlic, and slices of lemon.

So, what I did was, after washing my hands, I rubbed the garlic on each nail for a few minutes. It actually took me half an hour to be done with one hand, then another half for the other. (But that’s okay since I was reading Cat & Mouse anyways.) Then after rubbing the garlic like crazy, I rinse my hands with water. Then that’s when I rubbed the lemon on my nails, half an hour again each hand.

Why garlic, you ask? Garlic actually helps strengthen nails. (My neighbor before does this all the time, and her nails became thick and strong)

And as for the lemon, I’ve read somewhere (I forgot where. Lol) that it could whiten nails and moisturize cuticles. Also, to remove the garlic smell! 😀

I’ll try to do this like twice or thrice a week routine, and see what it’ll do to my hands and nails. Anyone have ever tried this before? Can you share with me what are the effects? 🙂

Xx — A.

20 thoughts on “Garlic And Lemon – Natural Nail Treatment

  1. I was a faithful user of raw garlic every week after I self manicured. Used a clove with small cuts to the flat surface to help distribute more oil. Left on about 30 minutes, took it off with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. Washed with soap to take off any leftover garlic and alcohol. Used a regular buffer and buffing cream to help with shine and getting more stimulation on my nail bed. Had great strong nails! Maybe the combination worked but I truly believe it was the garlic. Have recently started using my regimen again. My nails already feel stronger only after a few weeks. What do you have to loose??!!!

  2. Think I might just kill for nails like this. They are just flat out beautiful. Will give this a try. Will try a bunch of these ideas to get some nailss

  3. Yes when I was younger,I use to rug garlic on each nail and cuticles, my grandmother showed me, BC that’s what she use to do, and her nails were long , and strong,but I use to leave it on overbite,with cloth white soft gloves.In the morning,I would rinse with soap and a Lil bleach,and rub each nail with olive oil.I did this every other Friday nite. Garlic works wonders.

  4. What I’ve tried and it has worked for me is….I chop up a fresh clove of garlic and I add it to my clear nail polish. I then use the clear polish as a base and as a top coat every time I paint my nails. The smell is minimal due to the polish. The longer you have the garlic in the bottle the more concentrated it will get. If the clear polish starts to get too yellow, then it’s time to make another batch with a new clear polish bottle. I personally like it a bit concentrated. Hope this will help you as it has helped me.

  5. Hi. I tried this nail treatment today and it made my nails look so clean and felt fresh. After being a nail bitter my whole life I finally got out of the habit. Plus I want my nails to be and look healthy. Thank you for sharing your nail care routine.💗

  6. Do not use lemon the citrus feathers your nails
    My nails are a centimeter long my secret is garlic and oil puree then massage it into your cuticle then wipe off with a damp cloth then dry then add scented lotion the longer the garlic penetrates your nails the better if you don’t like the smell skip the garlic and just moisturize your nails always keep nails moisturized
    Secret to long nails keep your nails painted, painted nails protects your nails from water damage and nail splitting trust me I go to the salon once every two months i get gel nails and my nails grow pretty fast within those two months. In 10weeks my nails can grow a centimeter secret is gel nails/painted nails/moisturize and drink lots of water water remove toxics from body no toxins better for nails

    • Would have to agree. I’ve only been using jojoba + vitamin e, so might give the garlic a try to see what happens. However, that’s a no from me for the lemon lol

  7. My mom told me use garlic on my nail.i tried once because I didn’t like the smell.thanks for letting us know about lemon. I’ll definitely try it.:)

  8. My M-I-L brings me back a polish from South America that has garlic in it. You can’t smell it, for those wondering. It really does work for strengthening nails.

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