Swatch – OMG Cracked Coral


Swatch of OMG (Oh My Golly) cracked nail polish in Coral.

My first ever crackle polish. I actually don’t liked the crackle design so I’ve never picked up one before. This one was bought for me by my mom’s assistant, so why not try it.





I applied two coats over my previous swatch, and it has a matte finish.


On this one, I’ve applied a top coat over the matte crackle polish.

I must admit this would be the easiest nail art, like ever. Like if you don’t have extra time in your hands but still want to do your nails, go ahead and put on some crackle polish and your nails will have a design in no time! 🙂

Though I’m still not sure how to feel about crackle nails, the hoarder in me says “more crackle!” Lol This polish costs a bit more than the other regular OMG polishes, but not that much anyway. I hope they come in different colors. 😀

Xx — A.


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