NOTD – 3D Dots


Here’s my first try at 3D dots, inspired by Felice (@slacquerr) on IG.

So this was the mani that brought so much drama into my “nail life” just this very recent. Too many haters, rude and nasty comments I’ve read that made me cry like a child. “Hideous, gross, nasty, ugly, fake, cheap, too long, too narrow” just to name a few.

I mean, I know my nails aren’t perfect. And I’m well aware that they’re narrow, but I think they’re not that actually bad! Also if they thought these nails are too long, they should have seen my nails back then and I’d scratch them all in their eyes!

Anyhoo, moving on…





The base polish I used on this was just basically just a swatch I did. And I don’t want to wipe them off right away, you know just let it stay for even just a few hours. So being the ” mani recycler” that I am, I did a real quick design on them.


I’d just like to share this one. Such a bittersweet moment for me. First time to be on the popular page on IG, like, ever! And look at all the likes my picture got. But then, yeah, rude comments was most in there.

Anyway, I still hope that you ladies like it!

Xx — A.

5 thoughts on “NOTD – 3D Dots

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  2. I really don’t get how a nail art post can lead to so many awful comments… Don’t like it, don’t look at it.
    For what it’s worth, I think your nails look great! I can never get my nails to look so even in length when they’re that long.

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