NOTD – My F*ck Haters Nails!


So after crying my eyes out after the drama regarding my previous mani, I decided to talk to someone over the phone. But then I realized I couldn’t tell him the reason why I was crying coz he’ll think it’s just so stupid and childish (and it is, very much so!) So, anyway that was past 4 am already and he sounded so sleepy, so I just told him to go back to sleep. But then I need to get my mind to focus on other things, or else I’ll start crying again (yep, that’s how much of a crybaby I am).

And, tada! I give you my “f*ck haters” caviar mani. I’ve had these caviar beads for quite a while now and I didn’t know that I’d be using them on this purpose. Anyway, I had to use tweezers and line the beads one by one. So, yeah, I got pretty busy doing these.



I just hope I won’t get in trouble with the F-bomb!

Anyway, I’m okay now. Thanks to the IG people and all their kind words. For a second I thought of deleting all my nail related accounts and chopping my nails so short (glad I didn’t) coz I was so emotional and all. But feel free to re-post these words (nails) if you feel like it, just to scare off your haters! 😀

Hope you like them! I know I do. I love them! 🙂

Xx — A.

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