Water Marble Designs Quick Pictorial


I actually enjoyed water marbling the time I did my nails. I mean, I’m no marbling expert yet, but thought I’d show how I did the flower design.


I used a toothpick to make the design. Forgive me that it kind of looked crap on this pictorial.You should be fast in doing the design, and snapping pictures while doing the design slowed me down. So, there. But at least you get the idea on how. 😀


So here’s a better water marbled flower design.


And more designs. I don’t know what the other designs were called. Lol

Hope this helps somehow! 🙂

Xx — A.

5 thoughts on “Water Marble Designs Quick Pictorial

  1. is there a site that shows you how to make the many different designs? I have seen a bunch and would love to learn how to crate them. Right now i am at the step where ever I swirl my toothpick is the design I pick.

    • I usually just see pictorials of water marbling on IG. But I’ve seen some says they learned designs on YouTube, “simple little pleasures” I think was the channel name. 🙂

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