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Just Another Polish Problem


So I’m bored this afternoon and decided to gather all my untrieds, to swatch, and re-swatch polishes.

I’m on a serious “no buy” since March 1 up to now (not only coz I’m trying to control myself, but also I hate spending more than what I really have. I’m a bum, so yeah, very limited resources.) so I have no idea how I ended up with all these. O_o I mean I know I’m adding bottle after bottle of polish in my stash, but I haven’t thought it would be this many.

Some were bought for me by a friend, some I bought just before March, some were bought by mom’s assistant and some I picked up when we went grocery shopping (Mom pays for them, so that’s still a “no buy” for me. Lol) and some were given to me coz she can’t bring all her polishes to her new home (Yes I accept relief polishes! Lol So if you ever wanna give out some polishes, put me on top of your lists please? Haha)

So now, my question is… How can I swatch all these without drying out my hands from too much polish remover?

I’m thinking of using glue as base coat so I could just peel them off, but that would take forever to dry.

Hmm, suggestions from anyone?

Xx — A.

NOTD – Glitter Gradient


Yes, I’m such a mani recycler. Guilty as charged. Lol

Kept it simple but pretty by adding glitters to it.

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Swatch – San San Blue Sapphire


Here’s a re-swatch of this gorgeous polish, San San nail polish in Blue Sapphire.

I already posted swatch pictures of this polish back when I was just starting this blog, and those pics look awful! Lol I’m thinking of deleting those posts now. Haha.

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NOTD – Rainbow Water Marble Nails


So, more water marble mani from me. Lol I actually entered my last two marble mani to a contest on IG, my other mani (this) made it as a finalist! Yay! But nah, I’m not expecting to win. The other 9 finalists are too awesome compared to mine.

Well, anyway, here’s my rainbow marble mani. 🙂

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How To – Water Marble Decal


Have you ever tried to do water marble mani? Aren’t they gorgeous! But it does make a mess, right? And not to mention, you’ll need a hell of a lot of tape. Have you ever wondered if there’s an easier (and cleaner) way to marble your nails?

Well, actually I think there is… I found a way to make it easier for me. I made the marbled design to sort of a decal thing, and thought I’d share how. 🙂

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