Just Another Polish Problem


So I’m bored this afternoon and decided to gather all my untrieds, to swatch, and re-swatch polishes.

I’m on a serious “no buy” since March 1 up to now (not only coz I’m trying to control myself, but also I hate spending more than what I really have. I’m a bum, so yeah, very limited resources.) so I have no idea how I ended up with all these. O_o I mean I know I’m adding bottle after bottle of polish in my stash, but I haven’t thought it would be this many.

Some were bought for me by a friend, some I bought just before March, some were bought by mom’s assistant and some I picked up when we went grocery shopping (Mom pays for them, so that’s still a “no buy” for me. Lol) and some were given to me coz she can’t bring all her polishes to her new home (Yes I accept relief polishes! Lol So if you ever wanna give out some polishes, put me on top of your lists please? Haha)

So now, my question is… How can I swatch all these without drying out my hands from too much polish remover?

I’m thinking of using glue as base coat so I could just peel them off, but that would take forever to dry.

Hmm, suggestions from anyone?

Xx — A.

5 thoughts on “Just Another Polish Problem

  1. I’ve seen some blogs where they do glue cheap fake nails onto ear buds and use those for swatches. That way they get to keep their swatches and they don’t damage their nails/hands =)

  2. I have this same problem too! This is why it takes me days to finish a set of swatches, because I prefer to stagger them over days to give my nails a rest. It’s not the best way for nail bloggers of course. As Leslie said above, cuticle oil/creams and a great base coat should help lots.

    • I’m so lazy at doing swatches. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love swatching polishes really! But it’s the drying that I’m dreading. I don’t have those expensive cuticle oils and creams that they say works wonders, lol. But I’m using a local brand of cuticle oil. Also there’s this one I’m trying out, it’ not a cuticle oil though but oil nonetheless. Hope they’ll work good together. And I think I’ll just double up on my base coat. Thank you! 🙂

  3. While I haven’t done quite that many at once, I think I did do 10 or 15 one day. I just used cuticle oil between every mani, although I believe I was using non-acetone remover, so that could have helped also. Hope this helps – happy swatching! 🙂

    • Ahh lol. No I’m not planning to swatch these all in a day. My hands would be dried to death if I did. 😀 I think the most number I’ve swatched in a day was 35 polishes, that hurt my cuticles like hell and I’m not planning to do that again. Lol My polish remover has 30% acetone in it though. I’ll try to get someone to find me non-acetone remover then. Thank you! 🙂

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