Swatch – OMG Banana boat


Re-swatch of OMG (Oh My Golly) nail colors in Banana Boat.

Kind of really reminds me of banana, the fruit. Not the inflatable boat. I’ve ridden in one, and I hate it. Okay not really, but I hate the feeling of drowning it made me feel when I was thrown out of the boat. So anyway, this polish makes me want to get some ice cream and make a banana split. Yum!



That’s four coats over white, no top coat.

A pale yellow creme polish. I really like this one, but the brush OMG nail colors have makes it hard to even out the polish that’s why I have to do so many coats.

OMG nail colors can be bought for Php18 for a 10ml bottle.

xx — A.

One thought on “Swatch – OMG Banana boat

  1. I love this shade! Thanks for doing a glossy look, I tried this with the Matte Potion and it looks great on that as well.

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