My First Attempt At Painting Characters


So as the title post says, this is my first attempt at painting a characters mani. I don’t know what has gotten into me that I decided to torture myself with the task. Lol Oh I remember, I was so pissed with everyone in our house that I decided to lock myself up in the room and (What else!) do my nails of course. Like a therapy? Haha. Okay, moving on…



On my left hand, I painted some characters from Blue’s Clues, if you’re familiar with that show. I used to watch it some years ago. Lol I was originally just doing a swatch of a polish, which is the base of this mani. It’s such a beautiful shade of blue that it inspired me to paint Blue! Haha. I used polishes to paint them with white acrylic base of the drawings. I don’t really know how to paint characters the right way, I know some nail artists use mostly acrylic paints. But as I don’t own much paints and what I have are too watery, I opted using polishes for details instead, which is hard. So that’s my excuse why these aren’t smooth, and pictures were taken pre-topcoat. I kind of smudged them a little after. 😦



So if I thought the Blue’s Clues mani was so challenging to me, I was so wrong. These two minions gave me a hard time too! They’re supposed to be four minions with their cute hairs and all, inspired by @jamylyn_nails on IG. As I’m using my non-dom hand to paint them, it was a little trickier. Oh who was I kidding, a lot, it’s a lot trickier to paint them. So there, I just did two and some random accents on my pointer and pinky. I also used polish in them, and white acrylic paint, also pre-topcoat pictures.


I’m so tired at the time, but I’m still feeling my nail art mojo, so I did another character painting. I’m running out of canvas, so I painted Rilakkuma on my thumb. Same as the two above, this is also pre-topcoat.


My other thumb was just supposed to be plain, but my friend requested for me to paint her a pig. She so loves piggies, I swear she’ll probably fill their house with pigs if she could. This is kind of a little wonky though as I used my non-dom hand again to paint it. Good thing she wasn’t disappointed with my work, or so she told me. lol Picture taken after topcoat, so it’s a bit smoother.

I was on the roll, I did them all in a day. I think I spent ten hours or so with this mani. My back and neck hurt, I had headache, but at least I wasn’t that much angry that I’d throw a thing or two (or more) against the wall (or at someone). Yea, I tend to do that sometimes…I’ll work on it.

So, there. I loved this mani so much I didn’t took them off right away. I was waiting for them to chip, but they didn’t. On the fifth day I was already so grumpy coz I haven’t done my nails yet again coz my mani was still standing strong. lol Can you believe that? My mani with no chippings for five days, and I’m hating? Haha. I didn’t do the peelable base for these, so I couldn’t save them. 😦

Oh well, hope you like them! 🙂

xx — A.

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