Born Pretty Store 10% Off Code


So I was informed that my items from Born Pretty Store are on its way to me! Yay! Can’t wait for them to here. So excited to play around with them!

If you haven’t checked them out yet, go to their online store now! They offer tons of pretty items, and free shipping worldwide. Use the code “STARG10” to get 10% off your order. And get this! 10 orders to use that code, and Born Pretty Store will gladly be hosting a giveaway on my blog! How sweet, right?

So don’t just sit there, go now to their website. And I mean, now! Oh, did I mention free shipping? 😉


April Nail Art Challenge


Here it is! The nail art challenge for the month of April. (tagged #nailartapr)

Created by Jasmine (@californails) on IG.

Anyone can join in! 🙂

Xx — A.

Garlic And Lemon – Natural Nail Treatment


That’s how my nails looked like after the “natural treatment” I did. They feel so clean and fresh and so ready for another manicure! 😀

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March Nail Art Challenge


Yay! @californails already upload the nail art challenge for March on her Instagram! Of course, I’m so doing this! Lol

I like doing her nail art challenge unlike others that I’ve seen. Coz with this, I don’t have to change my mani like daily for the challenge. Ya know how lazy I am sometimes! Hahahaha.

Go follow her on Instagram. You could also follow me, @galaxystar7. And check out the tag #nailartmar to see awesome nail designs for this challenge.

Xx — A. 🙂

Water Marbled Bottles


I gave water marble another try. I’ll say this time, it’s sooo much better than my previous two attempts with it! Look! I finally did a decent design on the water this time!
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Teabag Repair


A really, really terrible thing happened to me this morning… My nail broke!! Boo! It was really a “WTF” moment for me.

I was going to make waffles for breakfast then when I was getting the milk out of the fridge, that’s when the unthinkable happened! 😦 Stupid milk carton! Grrr!

So, first thing I thought of was “teabag repair”.

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Peeled Off “Smooch”


I’ve had a hard time parting with my “smooch” nail design. It’s not perfect, but I love it nevertheless. 🙂

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