Fast And Furious Six

That awkward moment… When Fast Six is about to be out soon, but you still can’t get over the fact that Fast Five was so freakin’ awesome?! Hahahaha.

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White Collar Marathon

Going to watch White Collar all night long. ❤ This is to satisfy my Neal Caffrey addiction, well at least for now. 😀

Any Kind Of Guy By BTR


I’m officially inlove with Logan Henderson. ♥ He’s even my phone wallpaper. 😉 lol

Big Time Rush

I’m looking for something else to watch since I’m already done catching up with shows I like (New Girl and 2 Broke Girls), then I stumble onto this show. I decided to give it a try. I watch their season 1 pilot episode: big time audition, and I like ’em already! I was thinking, why the heck haven’t I discovered this show sooner! lol The show is hilarious. They’re cute and funny. And I love Logan already!! ♥ I can’t get their song out of my head. Lmao. 😀


Another movie night for me…

Chose this movie mainly because of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. hihi ♥ I loved him from 500 days of summer, so when I saw he’s in cast of this movie, I decided to watch it. 😉

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What’s Your Number

Movie night!

What’s your number for the nth time! Can’t get enough of Chris Evans! Lmao 😉