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Match OOTD – April Nail Art Challenge


Okaaay, so yeah, I’ve been away and hadn’t posted anything for ages. One, didn’t feel like talking (typing) much, and two, self issues. Or I think that’s just the same thing. So any who, I’m here now. 🙂 And I have more than a dozen (again) draft posts, in which I’ll be posting all today, or tomorrow, as best I could. But anyway I update my Instagram (almost) daily, probably coz I can just post there straight from my phone. So if you wanna find me there…

So let’s get started then. Here’s a mani I did for the April nail art challenge, matching OOTD (Outfit of the day). Though I was just staying home and my outfit was just tank top and shorts, so nothing really fab, I still managed to be inspired somehow by the shorts I was wearing. Lol

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