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China Glaze Sunsational Cremes


Hey! So I’m here again, and I have the China Glaze “sunsational” collection-cremes with me. Well, fine, just half of the cremes. So that means only like a quarter of the whole collection. Lol 😀
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I’m back!!


Well, okay, not really. But at least I’m here now. Everything’s still not okay, but will get there, eventually…

Anyhow, in case I didn’t tell you (which I think I really didn’t), I finally caved in and made a Facebook page not long ago. Well, it’s still under construction, and not as updated as my Instagram page, but I’m trying.

So pop by and say hey! Feel free to like/follow either/both account/s. I’d appreciate it.


As for here, I have some draft posts which I’ll be posting later today or, haha, whenever I get the “talking vibe” again.

So, again, thank you for sticking around!


Caronia Expressions Collection


So, I got a package from Caronia (a known brand of nail polish here in Philippines). Though I’m not really sure when this got to our house, as at the moment I’m not home yet. I’m still on my (very) extended vaca-y, and my mom just brought it here for me.

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