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China Glaze Sunsational Cremes


Hey! So I’m here again, and I have the China Glaze “sunsational” collection-cremes with me. Well, fine, just half of the cremes. So that means only like a quarter of the whole collection. Lol 😀
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The Face Shop – Yogurt Nails Collection


Oh, haiii. I’m here again. I have here another collection to share to you. This is the “Yogurt Nails” collection from The Face Shop. I originally got the yellow one first for P185, more or less $4. One look at it, and I fell in love! So of course I have to get the whole collection, good thing the TFS store near my place restocked their polishes so I got the other bottles. And get this, I got them at P150 a piece. I think the ladies at the store got the prices mixed up on my earlier purchase coz apparently they charged me more than they should have. The outlet I’m pertaining to is at Robinson’s Galleria.

Anyway, here are the swatches now. Enjoy! 🙂

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Face it – Colored Paper Nails Collection


So as promised, I’ll have some posts up. Buuut, warning, this is packed with pictures. As I decided to just put all these polishes together as they’re all from the same collection. Any who, here I give you Face It “Colored Paper Nails” collection, from The Face Shop. Got them for P295 each, or roughly $7 a piece. They’re all so pretty, I couldn’t get just one! If you’re following me on Instagram, I posted pictures of my hauls. This is part of my (extended) birthday haul. lol 😀

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I’m back!!


Well, okay, not really. But at least I’m here now. Everything’s still not okay, but will get there, eventually…

Anyhow, in case I didn’t tell you (which I think I really didn’t), I finally caved in and made a Facebook page not long ago. Well, it’s still under construction, and not as updated as my Instagram page, but I’m trying.

So pop by and say hey! Feel free to like/follow either/both account/s. I’d appreciate it.


As for here, I have some draft posts which I’ll be posting later today or, haha, whenever I get the “talking vibe” again.

So, again, thank you for sticking around!



Uhm, hi. I would just like to say I’m sorry that it seems like I’ve been neglecting my blog. I’ve been having a really tough time these past few weeks. I’ve gone through a major change in life, and it’s been really hard for me and my family. And I barely have time in my hands. From being a complete bum, now all responsibilities are on me. That being said, I’ve been very busy and I can hardly find some time for myself. That also being the reason why you weren’t seeing any from me, and I hate to say that I may have to continue the silence on this blog. But! I’ll be back I promise, as soon as I figure everything out. Thanks for sticking around!


P.S. I try to post on my IG once in a while, coz probably that’s easier to update than a blog. Feel free to follow me there!

Floral – May Nail Art Challenge


My take on the theme floral for May nail art challenge. Fun and easy flower nail art, all I used was the polish brush itself. Well, except for the black stripes that is. This mani was inspired by @jamylyn_nails on IG. 🙂

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My First Attempt At Painting Characters


So as the title post says, this is my first attempt at painting a characters mani. I don’t know what has gotten into me that I decided to torture myself with the task. Lol Oh I remember, I was so pissed with everyone in our house that I decided to lock myself up in the room and (What else!) do my nails of course. Like a therapy? Haha. Okay, moving on…

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