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Bestie Twin Nails – Gradient And Flowers


Did another “bestie twin nails“, this time I did with Jayne (@jaynedavid029).

We decided to do pink gradient and purple flowers, with leaves and all that. Lol 😀

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OMG Nail Polishes Swatch

These are the OMG (Oh My Golly) polishes I got from one of my nail mails back in January. I’m such a procrastinator I know. lol


I’ve been a little busy. Also I’ve been doing a lot of nail arts lately for the nail art challenge and I don’t want to take them off right away. So, swatching the polish came in later.

Anyhoo. Here are they now, very quick and a bit dirty swatches. You can also see my cuticles screaming at me. Begging me to stop their torture! Hahaha. I’ve done all this in a day. Also the swatches of some more nail polishes, in which I’d be posting a little later.

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My Nail Mail: Part One


One of my nail mails yesterday.

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