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Mint – April Nail Art Challenge


I’m giving you the rare appearance of my dominant hand, a.k.a “Cinderella Hand”. Because at the time, I still don’t want to wipe off the one-stroke flowers I did.

So why Cinderella you might ask. Do you remember her? The girl with two evil step-sisters, and an even more evil step-mother. She’s the one who cleans their house, do all the laundry, cooks their food, feed the animals, but they treat her like crap. So basically, she does all the work but never given proper credit for it.

Same as the dominant hand with most, if not all, nail art ladies. Let’s just admit it shall we? It’s harder to paint our dominant hand using (of course) our non-dominant one, unless of course if you’re one of the lucky persons that you’re ambidextrous that is. And it’s even harder to take pictures coz of the awkward hand poses. It probably took me a million (okay not really, more like ten or so) pictures just to get two (not so) perfect photos to post. Am I the only one who does that? Tell me, please… lol

I used to show my right hand before. But I don’t know, I just stopped doing so.

Okay, moving on with this mani. 😀

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