Nail Art Doodles


Here’s some designs I doodled before going to bed. Most of the design are not original, I know. Actually some of it I’ve seen on Google, and some from Instagram. Then I tried if I can do them myself. I still need more practice though. And call me crazy, but I actually brushed top coat on them. Hahaha


These were some nail art that I used the glue base coat. After peeling them off, I kept some then put them in foils. And I thought of sticking them on a doodle sheet instead. I just brushed glue on the paper then arranged the peeled-off nail polish. Now I’m thinking of keeping all of my peeled-off nail polish in the future. lol


The nail art doodle sheet was made by PackAPunchPolish. I just download then print it out. See my other post.


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